Special Modules

CONSMETAL's special modules are tailored solutions for unique and challenging projects that require a personalized approach. These modules represent the perfect combination of innovation, versatility, and construction quality, designed to exceed expectations in environments that demand specific features

These specialized modules are ideal for projects that go beyond standard needs, such as medical facilities, laboratories, research centres, and specific industrial applications. They stand out for their ability to integrate advanced technologies and meet precise requirements for space, infrastructure, and functionality. 

Customization is a priority at CONSMETAL, and special modules are no exception. We work closely with our clients to thoroughly understand their needs and specifications, ensuring that each module is designed with precision and meets the highest standards. 

The versatility of these special modules is reflected in their ability to adapt to a variety of applications, from high-tech facilities to creative and commercial spaces. Flexibility in design and construction ensures that each module is a unique solution that fits perfectly with the vision and requirements of each client. 

In addition to their exceptional functionality, CONSMETAL's special modules stand out for their construction quality. We use high-quality materials to ensure durability, energy efficiency, and resistance to adverse environmental conditions.



Laboratories and offices

June de 2022

Construction of laboratories, offices and changing rooms on two floors with staircase inside the modular unit.

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