SBH demountable warehouses

CONSMETAL's demountable warehouses represent a versatile and efficient solution for temporary or mobile storage needs. These warehouses are designed to provide flexibility and practicality, adapting to various situations and environments. With a focus on mobility and easy installation, our demountable warehouses offer an effective response for companies seeking a temporary solution or needing to relocate their facilities regularly. 

The key to the functionality of our demountable warehouses lies in their modular design. Each component is carefully designed to be detachable and easy to transport, allowing for quick and straightforward installation in different locations. This feature is particularly valuable for companies operating in temporary projects or environments that require an agile response to changing demands. 

The structure of CONSMETAL's demountable warehouses is based on durable and resistant materials, ensuring proper protection of stored goods. Additionally, special attention is given to safety, incorporating elements that meet the most stringent standards. The ease of disassembly does not compromise the robustness and stability of these structures, guaranteeing the integrity of stored products and operational safety. 

The versatility of our demountable warehouses extends to their customization capabilities. We work closely with our clients to tailor each structure to their specific needs. Factors such as the type of stored products, ventilation requirements, and safety are considered, ensuring that each demountable warehouse is a bespoke solution. 

In addition to their practical functionality, CONSMETAL's demountable warehouses are a sustainable choice. The ability to relocate and reuse these structures minimizes the environmental impact associated with the construction and demolition of conventional buildings. 



Modules for storage

March de 2023

Construction of modules for storage of sports equipment for the Artunduaga soccer field in Basauri.

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