Prefabricated Modules in Kit

CONSMETAL's prefabricated kit modules are an efficient and specifically designed solution for export projects. With a focus on maximizing space, time, and cost savings, these kits represent the cutting edge of prefabricated module offerings. 

This prefabricated kit of modules has been meticulously adapted to meet the unique requirements of international projects, offering a solution that optimizes logistical efficiency and implementation speed. Specifically designed for export, these kits ensure easy transportability and quick assembly at the destination. 

The key to this kit lies in its ability to simplify the construction process, allowing customers to enjoy substantial benefits in terms of time and cost savings. Pre-assembly in advanced facilities ensures consistent quality and reduces the risks associated with traditional construction, providing a reliable and high-performance solution. 

Adaptability is a key element of these prefabricated kit modules. With different configurations and sizes available, CONSMETAL offers flexibility to meet the specific needs of each international project. This ensures that customers can make the most of the available space and customize the modules according to their requirements. 



Offices in Zaragoza

September de 2022

Modular offices with open spaces with several workstations and individual offices.

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