Prefabricated Modules-Built-in Modular Units

Within CONSMETAL's extensive line of prefabricated modules, our standard construction booths stand out as versatile and high-quality solutions. Designed to meet the demands of rental companies and clients requiring open-plan, sanitary, mixed, or exhibition construction booths, our booths are available in monoblock or stackable series. 

The breadth of options provides our customers with the necessary flexibility to adapt the booths to their specific requirements. Whether for construction projects, temporary events, or commercial needs, CONSMETAL provides construction booths that meet the highest standards of robustness, durability, and exceptional finishes. 

CONSMETAL's standard construction booths are ideal for rental companies seeking to offer versatile solutions to their clients. The monoblock series offers standalone units, while the stackable series allows for maximizing available space without compromising quality or aesthetics. 

Robustness is a distinctive feature of our booths, ensuring strength and durability in various environments and conditions. The solid construction guarantees structural integrity, providing safe and reliable spaces for various applications. 

The variety of available models, from open-plan to sanitary or mixed booths, demonstrates CONSMETAL's commitment to customization. We understand that each project is unique, and our construction booths are designed to adapt to the specific needs of our clients. 

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